(Abajo texto en Castellano)

The Hermit Hut Collective is a Barcelona based physical theatre company founded in 2012 by Monica Ixchel from Mexico and Sanna Toivanen from Finland.  After meeting at the International School of Physical Theatre and Corporeal Mime MOVEO in Barcelona, Monica and Sanna joined together to develop and create projects using physical theatre incorporating text, dance and corporeal mime.

Their desire to explore different aspects of social and solitary every day life, their concerns, fears and their need to question reality led them to join and create their own collective.  With experience in theatre, television, dance and music, The Hermit Hut Collective aims to create unique works that are meaningful, honest and beautiful. Above all, Monica and Sanna wish to provoke emotions and thoughts in the spectator.

In June 2013 The Hermit Hut Collective created its first project called IMAGINE : SAND.  The full version of the show (English or Spanish) was performed at different places in Barcelona such as Sala Fenix.and Porta 4.  In 2014 a short version was presented at the Apartment Festival Hors Lits 5 Barcelona and at the Estrena’t Contest.  During 2014 The Hermit Hut Collective participated in the Cabaret Lecoq in Sala Fenix with a new 15 minute physical theatre piece.  Looking to share their vision and their work with other artists, The Hermit Hut Collective joined forces with illustrator David de las Heras for both IMAGINE : SAND and for their second show IN TRANSITION created in 2015.

IN TRANSITION was premiered on April 2015 in Sala Fénix, Barcelona.  It was performed during 2015 and 2016 in Porta 4, Mostra Tisner, ACTION! Festival and TUDANZAS Festival.  The Hermit Hut Collective did private showings of IN TRANSITION for the corporate responsibility section of HP in collaboration with Arrels Fundacio which is an organization that works with homeless people in the city of Barcelona

For this project, the Collective is also collaborating with musician Joan Gerard Torredeflot Ramos who has created the original music and plays live during the show.

Sanna and Mónica work with other theatre companies in Barcelona such as Fholia Teatro, ToTum Teatre, Proyecto VACA, Vudù Teatro and El Cielo Alrevés amongst others.

Presently, The Hermit Hut Collective is developing a new show.

The Hermit Hut Collective, compañía de teatro físico situada en Barcelona, fue creada en el año 2012 por Mónica Ixchel de México y Sanna Toivanen de Finlandia.  Después de haberse conocido en la Escuela Internacional de Teatro Físico y Mimo Corporal MOVEO, en Barcelona, Mónica y Sanna se unieron para desarrollar y crear proyectos basándose en el teatro físico incorporando texto, en la danza y en el mimo corporal.

Su deseo por explorar diferentes aspectos de la vida cotidiana social y solitaria, sus preocupaciones, miedos y sus dudas sobre la realidad, las llevo a unirse y crear su propio colectivo.  Con experiencia en teatro, televisión, danza y música, The Collective busca crear proyectos únicos que sean significativos, honestos y bellos.  Sobre todo, Mónica y Sanna desean provocar emociones y pensamientos en el espectador.